After beautiful trips to busy cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Budapest, it's time for something different: a trip of reinvigoration, on the beautiful outskirts of the Netherlands. Living in Leiden might make you think that forests and nature doesn't exist in the Netherlands. We want to prove that in fact it does, which is why we present:

🌲The Veluwe Biking trip!🌲

For this trip we will take cars to the biggest natural park of northwestern Europe, Hoge Veluwe 🦉, where we will leave the cars and hop on bikes to enjoy the beautiful nature and cruise our way through it!

Tickets include:
✨ Car ride to Hoge Veluwe
✨ Entrance fee and bike rental
✨ Picknick lunch in the park

Ticket prices:
Early bird member ticket: €18,- (+€1,- online service costs)
Normal member ticket: €25,- (+€1,- online service costs)
Non member ticket: €30,- (+€1,- online service costs)

Get your ticket at our Common room or at:

Limited tickets available!!!