Every year in May, ISN Leiden organises a Cultural Festival. As this is a very big event, we need a lot of help. This is why we are looking for students to fill the following positions:

President: managing the meetings, overall organization of the event and schedules.
Secretary: takes minutes, responds to emails, distributes tasks, helps with overall organisation during the event.
Treasurer and sponsorship manager: taking care of the budget, making sure there is no loss
Recruitment manager: recruits the 20-30 teams needed, supports them during the event, informs them on where to be.
Logistics manager: takes care of the venue, set-up.
Event and after-party manager: organises the after-party in the evening.
Promotions manager: promotes the event via posters, flyers, FB, video clips; and designs the aftermovie.

We guarantee you lots of fun! 

For more information, send an email to board@isnleiden.com. If you're interested in applying, please send us your CV!