Attention attention, hear ye hear ye! The time has come for a very special evening. With great pride we bring you one of the most celebrated student traditions the Netherlands has to offer:

🎵🍻 The Beer Cantus! 🍻🎵

This night full of singing, drinking beer and, most importantly, discipline, is sure to bring us all together to look forward, away from that dreadful winter an towards the beautiful sunny days that are ahead of us!
It's also an evening in which we, the Presidium of this cantus, will teach you how one is to behave during a Beer Cantus, using the good old 'carrot or the stick' approach. Listen closely to our instructions and you will surely have a magnificent evening. Ignore them, and it might be your last!

The Cantus starts at 20.00 and takes place inside beautiful Augustinus building.

Ticket prices:
♦️ ISN Member ticket: €13,-
♦️ ISN non-Member ticket: €17,50
Unlimited drinking within your ticket! 🍻

Get your tickets at our Common Room or online through:

28/03/2019 - 20:00 to 23:00