We are inviting YOU to one of the most famous Dutch student cultural activities: the beercantus! It will be a night full of singing and drinking beer together. With the ticket comes free unlimited beer during the whole cantus!

The Cultural Festival is all about sharing culture. Therefore we are proud to present you this unique opportunity to experience Dutch student culture. The Presidium of the Cantus will teach you how to behave during the cantus. Follow their instructions closely and have a magnificent evening. Those who misbehave however, will not be spared!

The Cantus starts at 20.00 at Club Jaune. A ticket is €16 for ISN-members, €18 for non-members. (At the office -€1 service costs) The revenue of the cantus will go directly to the Cultural Festival. You can buy your tickets online https://eventix.shop/jz95gysz

24/04/2019 - 20:00 to 22:30