ISN Leiden and ESN Delft present: the Winter Gala!❄

It's time to suit up and dance! After the successful speeddating event at Einstein, we now move to Delft for an unforgettable winter dance with ESN Delft! At the entrance, you will get a stamp and once you find your match with the same stamp, you get a free shot at the bar! 

Dresscode is formal, meaning suit and ties and evening dresses. 

The ticket price includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks until 01:00.

€14,50 ISN members
€18,50 Non-members 

Ticket sales will start soon so stay tuned!

08/12/2017 - 22:00 to 09/12/2017 - 03:00
ESNcard €14,50 / Regular €18,50
What's included: 
  • Entrance
  • Unlimited beer, wine, and soda
  • One shot
  • Everyone is invited.